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Help Support Destination Des Moines

Want to show your support but not sure how! You can help Destination Des Moines keep our annual events at a low cost or FREE! 

Donate or Sponsor an Event

There are many different needs when hosting an event, and Destination Des Moines could always use your support with the following:

Donations: Donations can come in many shapes and sizes and we appreciate them all! We want EVERYONE to be able to attend our annual events and have FUN! Help us continue to offer FREE community events, and keep costs down in other areas.

Exposure: Have a large social media following, or business? Sponsor us by publishing our event on your site, and we will put your logo on our marketing material!

Gift Cards for Winners: We always try to honor our winning guests with an award at our events. Donating a gift card or service will be a wonderful way get a customer in your doors! We will promote your company on our event awards material!

In-Kind services or goods: Food & beverages: What a great way to promote your business, have an event full of people consuming it! We will be sure to give you a great shout out and add your logo to our promo!

Please donate now to help support Destination Des Moines


Thank You!

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